Carla Stahl, Owner, writes:

The other favorite part of my job has been creating Chestnut Hill Salon & Spa. It was a dream of mine over fifteen years ago. I dreamed that one day I would have a Salon Spa in a house furnished with Antiques and beautiful fabrics! I have always enjoyed renovating and decorating houses along with collecting antiques as a sideline. When the opportunity presented itself to purchase the property I jumped at it. This by far has been the largest home that I have worked on, plus with it being 124 years old has made it quite a task.

The age and era of the house, (circa 1885) pretty much predicted my design theme. I love antiques, and one of my hobbies is to go “Antiquing”. It was my intent to create an elegant but comfortably cozy environment to work in and for our clientele to be able to relax and enjoy. I want it to truly be a unique experience.

I am very fortunate to have a talented group of people working on “Our team”. Everyone has their field of expertise and is very good at what they do. We all have a common goal; strive to do excellent work, and also give our customers that special TLC and pampering that they deserve. That’s what sets us apart.